Tips: What to look for in a Florida home

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If your looking for a home in Florida here are some things to consider and you can find answers in a MLS listing.  Review the listing for the following


Block construction vs Wood ---  block usually saves money on insurance

Flood Zone:  X means you do not need flood insurance if you have a mortgage on your home.

HOA and or CDD fees-  homes in certain communities may have additional cost to live in that neighborhood

55 plus communities-  these communities Not all but more often than not tend to be quieter, cleaner, safer and offer amenities/activities 

Location:  Closer to I75-  West of the trail (41)/nearer the beaches or coast.

PLUMBING-  always look at condition of plumbing- does it have a water softening filtration system

 Utilities:  do you want Septic and Well or Public  

Size:   square footage of living space, garage, pool and the lot

Taxes:  check to see if it is homesteaded or not.  A lot of Florida homes are owned by people that do not live in them year round or do not claim as primary residence. Taxes are much higher on a home that is not Homesteaded.  The current tax amount does not reflect what you will pay.  A home that is sold will be reassessed by the county.  Recent permits or updates to a home can increase the assessed value.  

Room:   the sizes of the rooms and type of flooring in each is often disclosed

Roof-  type of roof -  shingle or ceramic-   Ceramic lasts longer but is more expensive to replace.  You can check the age of the roof by doing a permit search with the county the home is in.


What are you looking for in a home?  Share with me the details of what your looking for and I can run a search on the MLS and send you the listing. The listing will include all the info disclosed about the home above.  I am a buyers agent and I work diligently to find the home that suits my buyers needs. 

I look forward to working with you.  If you have any questions please contact me-  call , text, or email works. 


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